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On the brink of important changes, Prospectiva closes partnership in Venezuela for high-level advice

Prospectiva Consultoria

Prospectiva is proud to announce yet another partnership in Latin America. We have partnered with ODH Grupo Consultor, a leading consulting firm specialized in economic, political and social analysis for strategic decision-making in Venezuela. ODH-GC advise prominent private and public institutions in Venezuela, besides providing valuable intelligence and analysis to Venezuelan and international clients.

Based in Caracas, the firm is led by Richard Obuchi, an economist (UCAB), with master degrees in Public Policy (University of Chicago) and Management (Tulane University) and a PhD candidate in business administration (Tulane). Richard Obuchi leads a team of consultants with multidisciplinary background at ODH. He also maintains an academic career, as a professor at the Center of Energy and Environment and at the Center for Public Policy at IESA.

More than in any other Latin America country, working in Venezuela requires in depth knowledge of the country’s institutions and stakeholders. The country remains one of the most important markets in Latin America in spite of the political and economic crisis that has struck the country over the course of the last few years. With a population of around 30 million people and the fourth largest economy in South America, Venezuela has traditionally boasted a vibrant business landscape not only for the oil & gas value chain, but also for healthcare, infrastructure, information technology, consumer goods, among several other industries.

Prospectiva has a vast track record of projects involving Venezuela and we are convinced that the country is poised to go through major changes in its political and economic changes in the coming up months. Anticipating movements in Venezuela’s political system and economy is therefore critical to doing business in the country. Likewise, understanding the complexity of policy-making processes in such a fast-changing and often turbulent environment is decisive to succeed in that market.