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Technological Innovations in Brazil

Ricardo Ubiraci Sennes and Antônio Britto Filho
Publisher: Cultura Acadêmica

Synopsis: A joint project with Interfarma, this work seeks to formulate discussion in order to contribute to the assessment, proposition and growth of innovation in Brazil, particularly in the healthcare industry. The book offers opinions from experts in the field of innovation and identifies numerous positive points in Brazilian science and technology policies, as well as successful case studies of companies and public institutions in this field.

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Overview of Industrial Policy for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Prospectiva Consulting
Publisher: Ativaonline Publisher e Serviços Gráficos

Synopsis: In a study realized for Interfarma, this works provides an overview of industrial policy for the pharmaceutical sector in Brazil – the so-called healthcare-industrial complex – through a diagnostic analysis of the government in regards to access to medications and other pharmaceutical raw materials, the relationship between access and the production chain, the impact on the sector’s trade balance and the main instruments developed by the government to resolve these issues.

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Innovation in Brazil: policy policies and business strategies

Ricardo Ubiraci Sennes
Publisher: WWC Center Press

Synopsis: This book is a compilation work of discussion promoted in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson Center regarding innovation. It identifies some of the major innovation bottlenecks in Brazil, and outlines changes in science, technology and innovation development, as related to public policies and business strategies, since 2000.

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The Brazilian Pharmaceutical Industry and Export to Latin America: Impact of Trade Agreements and Macroeconomic Variables

Alexandre Barbosa, Ricardo Mendes and Ricardo Sennes
Publisher: Febrafarma

Synopsis: In this book we assess the effect of trade agreements on Brazil’s increased exportation of medications to Latin America. In addition to trade agreements, the work also considers economic growth, Brazil’s exchange rate, political risk, regulatory framework and business decisions.

Assessment of the Industrial, Technological and Commercial Trade Policy for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Alexandre Barbosa, Ricardo Mendes and Ricardo Sennes
Publisher: Febrafarma

Synopsis: The book’s aim is to evaluate consistency of the new industrial policy since its implementation by the government in 2003. The central question is the following: to what extent do Industrial, Technological and Foreign Trade Policy (PITCE) measures meet the proposed targets? To this end, the performance of the pharmaceutical sector in the recent period was analyzed in relation to the measures.

Intellectual Property and Innovation: an analysis of ten Brazilian institutions/ Parcerias Estratégicas Magazine-number 26

Anselmo Tataki, Hélio Camargo, Ricardo Mendes and Ricardo Sennes
Publisher: Centro de Gestão e Estudos Estratégicos (CGEE)

Synopsis: The text analyzes the process of domestic innovation, mapping out the progress of ten institutions, and identifying the features of the most innovative Brazilian companies from 1990 to 2007. The study also demonstrates the direct relationship between the enactment of the Industrial Property Law in 1996 and increased patent filings by Brazilian institutions in the country or abroad.

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